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What we Do

    In fencing there are three weapons, Epee, Foil and Saber.

    At "A' La" Fencing the focus is on competitive foil fencing. In fencing there are three things that a fencer must do to be a good fencing, one; you must take Lessons, two; you must Practice and three; you must fence in Competition. At

"A' La" Fencing we supply the


We will teach you;

Movement; the proper way to move forward or backward ( known as advancing and retreating ), lunging, the fleche,        tempo and more.

Bouting Techniques; a variety of ways which causes the opponents blade to move, which will allow you to score a


Bouting Tactics; a combination of movement and techniques designed to make your opponent react in a certain way

      allowing you to score.

Bouting Strategy; teaching you to think, and how to fence opponents with different styles, and when to use certain

      attacks and situational fencing.

Right of way; this is what decides whether a fencer will be allowed to score a touch.

Rules and Terminology; as in any sport you must learn what you can and can't do, and the language of the sport.

      A' La Fencing will teach you how to fence or help you improve your fencing, but the level of success you have as a fencer is up to you.

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